Building / Zoning

The Village of Stockbridge has appointed Witkowski Inspection Agency, LLC as the Village Building Inspector and Tim Lemke, Village President, as the Village Zoning Code Administrator.

The Village of Stockbridge operates under a Code of Ordinances that can be found on the CODE OF ORDINANCES tab under VILLAGE OPERATIONS on this website.  Building & Land Use permits are required for many reasons; to protect you, your family, neighborhood and property values.  Permits also ensure that work is performed safely and in compliance with current construction codes and  Village zoning code. Getting a permit also helps protect your property investment and minimizes liability or problems during a future sale of your property.

To reach Witkowski Inspection Agency, LLC call their office at (920) 286-6133, cell (920) 912-0832, or email them at [email protected].  Links to permit application forms are listed at the bottom of this page or application forms can be obtained at the Village Office during regular business hours.

Should you have zoning or land use related questions, please refer to Chapter 24 in the Code of Ordinances or Chapter 25 for Shoreland Zoning.  For specific questions, please contact the Zoning Clerk, Cindy Strebe (920) 439-1220 or email [email protected].

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are altering the size of an existing structure or adding a structure, fence, driveway/culvert, or pool,  you must complete the Land Use Permit Application to indicate square footage, sidewall heights and setbacks to property lines, etc.  Providing this Land Use Application and site plan during the initial phase will expedite the permitting process and verifies all Zoning Ordinances are being adhered to.

Land Use Permit Applications should be returned to the Village Office with the $20.00 fee.

NOTE:  No Building Permits will be issued without an approved Land Use Permit Application (when applicable). 

LU-2022 (Land Use Permit Application)

Add-Remodel-2023  (Residential Additions – Remodel – General Repairs)

NSFD-2024  (New Single & Two Family Home)

Manuf-2022  (New Manufactured – Moved Homes)

Right-of-Way Permit-2023 (New Driveway – Relocate – Alterations )

Erosion-2022  (Erosion Control Permit)

SEWER-2022 (Sewer Utility New - Alterations)

Water-2022  (Water Utility  New – Alterations)

Conditional-Use-2022  (Conditional Use Permit)

Variance-Appeal Application  (Variance & Administrative Appeal)